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If you've ever stared at your keyboard, lamenting how much your writing sucks, good news! You found us. And we're here to tell you to snap out of it. 

STRONG HINT: Your writing does not suck. You're just not done yet.

So, whether you're a new penmonkey or a seasoned word-slinger looking for new perspective, listen in and find some nuggets to nudge you along until you find your own momentum.  

Oct 5, 2020

Theme. For many people -- like, say, Anne – they cringe at the word and have flashbacks of English 101 in-class comas and literary snobbery.

Others – like, say, Jess – have always relished the ideas of sussing out a good theme and having drawn-out discussions of the author’s intention.

Others – like, well, only Tracey – have theme flow through them without a single thought. We do not talk to those people unless we have to.

But cultivating a theme doesn’t have to be painful, and often, you’re playing one out whether or not you realize you’ve written it into your book. The group talks about themes within their own work and the best method of introducing and maintaining one. 


QUOTE: “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” – Sylvia Plath



The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty

Franny Billingsly


CREDIT: This episode of Your Writing Does Not Suck was recorded by its separate participants and edited by Anne M Belen