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If you've ever stared at your keyboard, lamenting how much your writing sucks, good news! You found us. And we're here to tell you to snap out of it. 

STRONG HINT: Your writing does not suck. You're just not done yet.

So, whether you're a new penmonkey or a seasoned word-slinger looking for new perspective, listen in and find some nuggets to nudge you along until you find your own momentum.  

Dec 28, 2020

Since the beginning they’ve said, “Your writing does not suck. You’re just not done yet.”

So, when is it done?

Today the group discusses the importance of getting down the core of your story, the dangers of never-ending edits, the pressure to create the never-before-seen premise, and making sure your pivotal...

Dec 14, 2020

We’re heading into the holiday season and talking a bit more about character backstory!

Tracey debates developing backstory before writing -- as opposed to during, Jess talks about creating and holding on to character secrets, and Anne makes the group do a real-time backstory exercise.

QUOTE: “Ten years from now,...

Nov 30, 2020

In a shorter episode, Anne and Tracey chat about character names, inspirations, and whoopsies. They discuss considerations for fantasy names, names drawn from different cultures, and the universally-accepted truth that Google is a writer’s best friend.


QUOTE: “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone...

Nov 16, 2020

The group discusses the scary idea of reading your work out loud to other humans. Focusing on both raw work and formal presentation, they discuss tips, tricks, and handy reminders to get through the various types of readings you may find yourself in.

Anne confesses to a childhood aversion to speaking at all, Tracey...

Nov 2, 2020

The group comes to you from their annual autumn retreat and swaps out Jessica with another member of the critique group. This time they’re twisting a little more into the idea of worldbuilding through the use of your character.

They discuss the learning curve of the POV character (newbie versus seasoned), visual aids,...