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If you've ever stared at your keyboard, lamenting how much your writing sucks, good news! You found us. And we're here to tell you to snap out of it. 

STRONG HINT: Your writing does not suck. You're just not done yet.

So, whether you're a new penmonkey or a seasoned word-slinger looking for new perspective, listen in and find some nuggets to nudge you along until you find your own momentum.  

Mar 8, 2021

The ladies finish off the list of what NOT to include in your query and then dive into a fake query that Anne made up. Included are some obvious and not-so-obvious mistakes to consider.



To Whom It May Concern:

I have been told I write like Stephen King. My 20,000-word romance novel takes place where everything is not what it seems.

For instance, old Mrs. Spencer is a former Nazi sympathizer who washes dishes at the local café. The friendly hairdresser, Milo Meester, is a former enforcer for the mob boss Vinny Vito. And polite, sweet librarian Agnes Boyd is really in hiding from her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Agnes’s already complicated life get worse when she stumbles across a murder scene. Afraid of how this murder connects to her ex-boyfriend, Agnes turns to Chase McChase, the mysterious new detective in town. But Chase is hiding secrets of his own.

Will they solve the murder before everything in town gets turned upside down?

This is my first attempt at writing a novel and I have been told I have a knack for it. This story was a finalist in the Obscuro County Book Contest in 2007.

I have included the full manuscript for your consideration.


Thank you,

   Writer McWriter



QUOTE: “Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.” – currently Anonymous


CREDITS: This episode of Your Writing Does Not Suck was recorded by its separate participants and edited by Anne M. Belen.